The mission at Salvo Soccer Club (“Salvo SC” or “Club”) is to provide a fun, challenging, and developmental environment for our youth to enhance their love, knowledge, and skill in the game of soccer. The goal at Salvo SC is to provide our members with the highest quality coaches and trainers offering young players the opportunity to play at a level consistent with their ability and commitment.


Participation at Salvo SC is a privilege and should be treated as such. The actions of one player may reflect positively or negatively on the team and the Club. Therefore, Salvo SC players are expected to represent themselves, their teams, and the Club with honesty, integrity, and character – athletically and socially.

All players agree to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and are responsible for their actions while participating in all Salvo SC activities (including but not limited to games, practices, camps, and events).

Sportsmanlike conduct is defined as, but is not limited to: respect for game officials, coaches, referees, managers, other players or parents; respect for facilities, privileges, and operating procedures; the use of courtesy and good manners; acting responsibly and maturely; refraining from the use of profane language; and the absence of illegal use of alcohol and illegal or banned drugs.


Salvo SC players are subject to city, state, and federal laws. A player who is charged with violating local ordinances, state statutes, or federal law or who is arrested in connection with possible illegal activity may be subject to immediate suspension from the team and Club activities pending further investigation.


Salvo SC players are expected to:

· Maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control and responsible behavior, consideration for the physical and emotional well-being of others, courtesy, and good manners;

· Abide by team, Club and all governing body policies (MYSA, USYSA, US Club, etc.);

· Abstain from illegal consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol is permitted by Salvo SC players;

· Refrain from hazing;

· Refrain from any conduct that could be perceived as harassment based upon gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability;

· Communicate with their teammates and coaches with honesty and timeliness;

· Assist in promoting positive attitudes among all involved in Salvo C;

· Avoid using profane or abusive language and disruptive behavior;

· Refrain from inappropriately using online social networks. Salvo SC understands the popularity and usefulness of social networking sites and supports their use by players provided:

o No offensive or inappropriate pictures are posted;

o No offensive or inappropriate comments are posted;

o Any information placed on the website(s) does not violate this code of conduct;

o Photos and/or comments posted on these sites do not depict negative team-related or Club-identifiable activities (including wearing/using team uniforms or apparel inappropriately).

Players must remember that they are representatives of Salvo SC as well as the State of Minnesota and are in the public eye, especially when traveling out of state. Please keep the following in mind as you participate on social networking websites:

· Before participating in any online community, understand that anything posted online is available to anyone in the world. Any text or photo placed online becomes the property of the site(s) and is completely out of your control the moment it is placed online – even if you limit the access to your site.

· You should not post any information, photos, or other items online that could embarrass you, your family, your team, or the Club. This includes information that may be posted by others on your page.

· Coaches and staff may monitor these websites.

· Local police and other law enforcement agencies may monitor these websites regularly as may potential employers and internship supervisors as a way of screening applicants. In addition, many colleges, universities, and scholarship committees also search these sites to screen applicants. Players should be very careful when using online social networking sites and keep in mind the consequences that may be imposed, including suspension or dismissal from the team and/or Club if these sites are used improperly or depict inappropriate, embarrassing, or dangerous behavior.


The consequences for a violation of the Player Code of Conduct may include but are not limited to: verbal warning, written reprimand, community service, immediate suspension from the team, and dismissal from the Club.


Self-reporting an incident may help to reduce sanctions.

A player who is found responsible for violations of the Player Code of Conduct will, along with his/her parent(s), at the first available opportunity, have an in-person meeting with a member of the Disciplinary Committee and his/her head coach. After collecting other information and speaking with appropriate parties, the Disciplinary Committee member and head coach will determine the course of action. The Disciplinary Committee member or head coach will notify the player and parent(s) of the consequence at an in-person meeting. The player will also receive follow up in writing.

A player may appeal the decision of a disciplinary suspension to the Club’s Executive Committee. Such a request must be in writing and must be submitted to the members of the Executive Committee within 5 days after receipt of the notice of suspension. Based on a review of available information, the Executive Committee may uphold, reverse, or modify the suspension.


If you overhear something, notice strange behaviors, or see something concerning, please speak up.

Fill out this form to report the information.

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