COVID-19: Coaches and Managers

As of April 26, 2021 - LINK

Salvo SC Statement

Salvo SC stands with the black community.

Salvo SC strives to embody our core values each day. Respect for all community members is a critical aspect of who we are and what we stand for.
We have been working to take ownership of our experiences, education, and awareness of the injustices in the world to actively pursue anti-racism, diversity, and equity within our club.

We are looking at ways to extend beyond ourselves and help the communities we live in to address racism, acknowledge the power of diversity, and improve equity.

We are making this statement now as we have educated ourselves and become more aware of the opportunity not only within Salvo SC but around us to impact the future ahead of all of us in a meaningful way.

Next Phase

Progression to Next Phase  

It's exciting we are going to be able to play games.

Beginning Wednesday, June 24, we will start competing in practices with small-sided games. There are still many restrictions, but we will be able to play 1v1, 2v2, up to 9v9 with our older teams.

We are going to compete within our teams for the first few weeks while organizing inter-squad games and inter-club games. We are taking our time to ensure that we don't set ourselves back and ensure players can play at game-level speed and intensity.

This coming week we will look to arrange opportunities to play "big games" in the coming weeks, likely beginning after the July 4 Holiday.

Team Rankings

Team Rankings Due June 30

It is that time of year. We need your help with player rankings to prepare for the 2020-21 Performance year. In TeamSnap, we have uploaded the necessary forms for you to complete.

You can find the forms in TeamSnap → Media Folder → Team Rank Forms due June 30

When you save your document please use the "Save As" function and label the following way - birth year, gender (B or G), geo/color of team, your last name

For example: 2013B South Steel Rivard

Please have the player rankings returned to us by Tuesday, June 30 end of the day. Please send them to


Club-Wide Break

Our club will take a shorter break this year. The break will be July 1-July 5. During this time, our offices will be closed and all practices are canceled. Staff will be back Monday, July 6 and will respond to any messages then. Enjoy the time.

Defined Phases

Club Defined Phases

Phase 1 - Digital soccer

Phase 2 - Social Distancing, with limited numbers (9 or fewer players) on the field, with strong hygienic measures, and no at the field spectators

Phase 3 - Social distancing, with the full team on the field with strong hygienic measures, and no at the field spectators

Phase 4 - Games, social distancing for players when not playing, strong hygienic measures, and social distancing of spectators

Phase 5 - Return to pre-COVID 19 conditions

Coach Return to Play Protocol

Coach's Return to Play Protocol

At home:

Complete our employee symptom screener  and email screenshot to

Stay home if you are sick or displaying COVID 19 related symptoms. Please notify your Director ASAP.

At the field:

Between sessions spray down all cones utilized with sanitizer and sanitize hands

Take attendance of players

Spray ball with sanitizer for players to wipe down with their rags

Adhere to club social distancing and hygiene measures - no high fives, only the coach handles equipment, wear masks during sessions

If a coach becomes ill at the field, they will inform the Field Marshall (staff) and leave the field immediately.  


Complete the attendance forms

Wash clothing after each training session

Sanitize equipment after each training session 

Notify club if you or someone in your home becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms at 

Time Card

Performance Coaches Time Card Requirement

As previously communicated, all coaches and staff will be paid in full through April 30. With the digital content, team meetings and ISP process, coaches and staff have continued to work through the month. As we continue to look ahead, a determination about payroll starting May 1 will be communicated by April 16. Our goal is continued transparency, and in the event, there are any changes to payroll we want to give our staff and coaches as much notice as possible.

A revision to our current process of collecting time worked for coaches through Bookafield and TeamSnap is being rolled out. All coaches and staff have profiles in WhenIWork, a timekeeping app Effective Monday, April 13, all coaches will need to begin reporting their hours spent on work for and with their team.  

Time reported should be classified with both the Position of “Coaching Staff” and a Schedule that aligns with the 6 tasks of a coach. If you coach multiple teams, please add a note of which team your time aligns with.  An instructional PowerPoint is in the Coaches TeamSnap for your reference.

(Home ->Media tab -> Policy folder -> COVID 19 WhenIWork) 

Time should be reported in no less than 30-minute increments and should be entered no later than Sunday of each week. Any week that will result in greater than 40 hours must be approved by Peter Rivard prior to completing the work. 

Any questions on the new process or getting logged into your WhenIWork account can be sent to Lisa Wolf.

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